Advertising / After Effects

A series of videos produced at Red River College in the Graphic Design Advanced program. Each is a hypothetical project that explores different mediums and industries.

Power Rangers Logotype & Intro

A rebrand for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The new logo marries the Japanese source material and American influences, creating a more accurate depiction of the show's aesthetic. The intro is an abstracted version of the Rangers' morphing sequence. The video was given a low resolution and heavy VHS distortion to create authenticity.

Cinematheque Preroll

A pre roll for Cinematheque, an independent theatre in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg. The goal was to showcase the different stages of film creation and apply them to theatre’s logo. The pre roll is part of a larger campaign titled #cinemathequepreroll, which would encourage local filmmakers to create their own pre roll for a chance to be featured.

Manitoba Hydro Solar Energy Explainer

A video highlighting the basics of installing a solar energy system in Manitoba. After researching the topic, it was evident that there aren't many understandable resources for consumers. The explainer video looks to simplify the broad strokes of solar and drive traffic to the Manitoba Hydro website for more information.