Forgotten Formats

Editorial / Print

A hypothetical publication that provides comprehensive information and context on obsolete media formats. Forgotten Formats was born out of an appreciation for retro tech and the lack of book/websites that present the topic in a digestible way. Examples from the print and digital piece were created as a proof of concept.

What is a Forgotten Format?

A forgotten format is a form of media that failed in becoming the standard. Betamax and LaserDisc are often cited as being the most notable failed media formats. There are numerous examples of obscure formats that were dead on arrival, and others that succeeded in other regions but never caught on in North America.

The Digital Publication

The goal of the website is to catalogue and preserve these formats, much like the print publication, but have the freedom to cover formats no matter how recent. The digital medium means content can be updated and changed easier, which works well for stories that are still being told.

The main feature of the site is the interactive timeline. Located at the bottom of the screen, it’s an engaging visual representation of time that enhances the experience and makes it fun to explore.