Modular Spacesuit

Product Development / Marketing

The Modular Spacesuit project consisted of three parts: Research, Product Development, and Marketing. A fictional organization, the Spacesuit Research Agency, was created as a vehicle to drive the concept forward. The research document draws parallels between science-fiction and real spacesuit design, analyzing the aesthetic/functional balance. Using the research as a reference, a prototype suit was built utilizing common cosplay building techniques. An in-store app interface was created as a way to market the suit whilst explaining the ordering process.

The Basic Suit

The Basic Suit is the perfect suit for everyone. It features a comfortable cloth outer layer and numerous patches of high-strength velcro. The overall styling of the suit is inspired by early diving suits with small futuristic accents, like the silver bands around the cuffs. It remains generic to appeal to the largest demographic and encourages the consumer to customize the suit with their own graphics.

The prototype utilized a customized flight suit as the base. The legs and arms were hemmed and glued to metal rings to create mounting points for gloves and boots. Velcro patches were cut and glued onto the suit, and heat transfer vinyl details were added throughout.

The Modular Hub

Imagine the Modular Hub as the brain of the suit. It's what allows the suit's pieces to communicate with one another and give the user feedback. It magnetically attaches to the back of the suit, and attaches to other modules, such as life support backpacks.

The prototype was built of out of foam floor mats and 2mm craft foam glued together. Once glued, pieces were cut to shape and gaps were filled with caulking. Finally, the piece was sprayed with PlastiDip to seal and colour the foam.

The Helmet Mount

The Helmet Mount is a self contained unit that can easily be removed from the suit. It features magnetic points on the front and back to attach specialized modules and is compatible with all SRA helmet components.

The prototype was made out of a large mixing bucket, which was cut to fit around the shoulders. Embellishments made out of foam were glued on, and the whole piece was painted in black spray paint. A final layer of PlastiDip was added to give a rough texture and laminate the pieces together.


To fully realize the product, marketing pieces were made to further elaborate on the suit’s branding, as well as the consumer buying experience. The goal was to create pieces that an individual looking to buy the suit would come across.

An explainer video for an in-store suit builder experience was produced. Stations in retail locations allow customers to quickly customize and order their suits. Invoice receipts are printed and handed to an SRA Technician for payment.