Icon / Branding

A collection of logos ranging from personal to freelance work. The majority were used primarily as exploration, either for future projects or to simply try something new.

Unionware Team Logos

Unionware, a software company providing database systems for unions, wanted logos for their individual internal teams. Riffing off the Unionware icon, several badges were created to represent the teams' personalities and interests. This was a work placement opportunity from the lovely folks at KiK Partners.


A fashion brand with an unusual brief, Davis is a collaborative work between myself and fellow designer, Jordan Wooster. It started as conversation about the potential of a brand that exclusively sells itself on nostalgic confusion, mixing elements from various eras to perplex the viewer. The logo embodies this by being simultaneously old and new with no clear placement in time, while it's sheer illegibility makes it hard to comprehend.

Spark Notebook Co.

Born out of a love for pocket notebooks and mechanical diagrams, Spark is a rugged notebook brand with products that are meant to be used. It was originally created in my second year of design school, where I was tasked with creating and selling a product. A redesign was made in 2018 to bring the brand closer to its industrial roots.

Operation Parallels

Operation Parallels is a zine that explores alternate timelines and science-fiction concepts through short stories. The loose narrative follows two astronauts on a space station in the far reaches of the universe that allows them to observe all possible realities. This is the logo for Station 162-203. It shares similarities to the Modular Spacesuit branding, as it was early exploration of that aesthetic.

CMO Dojo

Before I started at Sherpa Marketing, the internal marketing team developed a content initiative to connect with CMOs of companies who need help with their marketing. In addition to developing the brand, I was tasked with creating a majority of the motion graphics/illustrations throughout the videos.